Pest Plants

Poison Ivy – Control

My neighbor and I acted as if we were surrounded by rattlesnakes. “Ease your foot down there, slowly…slowly. Now take a quick step to the right and hop up onto that cinderblock!” We were curious about the land clearing that’s...


Air Potato

Q: I have a problem with a lovely but horribly invasive vine that grows little potatoes on its stem. It sprouts and spreads like a demon – nearly taking over a 3 acre lot! What is it and what can...


Virginia copperleaf – Identification

Q: What is this weed in my garden? A: It’s Virginia copperleaf, Acalypha virginica.  It is an annual weed, which means it can be prevented with the proper pre-emergent chemical. The best pre-emergent for broadleaf weeds is dithiopyr (click for sources). Apply the chemical in...