Pest Plants

Poison Ivy – Pictures

Poison ivy can be mistaken for other flora outdoors. Poison Ivy Control Just in case you are unsure which “leaflets of three” to avoid, here are pictures of poison ivy and its mimics. Note the “leaflets of five” leaf in...


Air Potato

Q: I have a problem with a lovely but horribly invasive vine that grows little potatoes on its stem. It sprouts and spreads like a demon – nearly taking over a 3 acre lot! What is it and what can...


Virginia copperleaf – Identification

Q: What is this weed in my garden? A: It’s Virginia copperleaf, Acalypha virginica.  It is an annual weed, which means it can be prevented with the proper pre-emergent chemical. The best pre-emergent for broadleaf weeds is dithiopyr (click for sources). Apply the chemical in...