How to Use Walter’s New Website

Welcome garden friend!

I’m sure you’ve noticed some big changes on my website! My old one was familiar to us all…… but it was based on extremely outdated software and it didn’t give me the options I need to be more interactive with you. And frankly, the old one was looking a bit stodgy.

Here are some things to note about the new site:

The SEARCH line (above right) will still search for any topic you want to know more about. It will give you much better results if you use only a few words: tomato diseases, fescue, rust on zoysia, etc.

Notice the icons that accompany each article: they correspond with the drop-down category tabs you see running above this note.

BUT HERE’S THE BEST IMPROVEMENT: If you want a plant (or an insect or an animal) identified, you can submit it with the link over there on the right side. You can upload pictures and your notes on where you saw it. Then EVERYONE can take a stab at figuring out what it is. I’m often stumped on plant/weed/animal identification but I know there are hundreds of knowledgeable gardeners out there who know exactly what certain things are. You don’t have to be an expert to put in your two cents worth of knowledge….if you know another common name or if you’ve seen the plant in a certain place, make a comment for all to see.

SO, WHAT’S THIS REGISTRATION THING AT THE TOP? My site is always free and open to anyone to use….but in order to keep the bad guys at bay, if you want to send in a picture or make a comment or list a garden event, I need an email address to make sure you are a real person. I don’t care what user name you use, your initials are fine, and your email address will not be published (and I’ll never it give away or sell it).

So feel free to explore the new site! You can email me your comments and suggestions by clicking this link: Walter, here’s what I think about your site:

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