Blueberry Growing – With High Calcium

Q: I would like to plant blueberries in what was my vegetable garden. I had a soil test done by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension and it came back that I had high Calcium (1088 lbs/acre). Will I be able to have a successful blueberry experience?

Other test results:

Phosphorus 21 lbs/acre

Potassium 83 lbs/acre

Magnesium 101 lbs/acre

Zinc 12 lbs/acre

pH 5.3

A: University of Georgia blueberry expert Scott Nesmith says the soil pH looks fair but would be better if it was a bit lower. You can lower the pH by sprinkling .1 lb. of yellow sulfur powder (also known as Flowers of Sulfur) onto 10 sq feet of soil area under each bush. Test the soil again a year after planting to see if the pH is close to 5.0. This will help negate the effects of high calcium levels.

Mulch the plants with pine bark or pine straw and fertilize with ammonium sulfate, usually found in Camellia/Azalea fertilizer products.

blueberry fruit

blueberry fruit

blueberry flower

blueberry flower

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