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  Food Gardening > Fruit Plants - Good Sources

Food Gardening

Fruit Plants - Good Sources

In my experience, it is common in "big box" stores for fruiting plants to be mis-labeled. I'm sure it's not purposeful, but a store that sells lumber, plumbing, paint and light bulbs can't be expected to pay close attention to the accuracy of their plant labels. Buying flowering plants is not usually a problem. If the plant is in bloom, you know what you're getting. Further, it's easy to tell the difference between a daylily and a hosta. But it's impossible for a consumer to determine if a grape vine is truly a 'Suffolk Seedless' or a 'Concord' unless they buy the vine when it has fruit on it. For that reason, I recommend that if the variety of a plant makes a difference to you, buy it from a garden center that guarantees their plants are true to name.

Local fruit plant sources include Johnson Nursery, in Ellijay, Lawson's Nursery in Ball Ground (770-893-2141 ), Bottom's Nursery in Concord, (770-884-5661) or Ison's Nursery in Brooks (770-599-6970).

You can also find good quality plants online. Consider Edible Landscaping and Big Horse Creek Nursery.

To check on the reputation of online vendors, go to Garden Watchdog.


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