Flowers & Foliage for a Fabulous Fall – DMGA Meeting

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Date: 22 August 2011
Time: 6.00 pm
Cost: free and open to the public
Location: Northlake Library
Phone: 4046365920


Flowers and Foliage for a Fabulous Fall – After the weather challenges of
Atlanta summers, many of our fall-blooming native plants are indeed a bright
spot in our gardens (and along our roadsides). Beginning in mid-September
we are treated to blooms of asters, goldenrods, ironweed, Stone Mountain
daisy and others, as well as the berries of beautyberry and red chokeberry.
In addition, the foliage of many of our native shrubs and trees is reliably
stunning. Fall is considered one of the best times to plant with a wide
variety of plants available for purchase. This program will focus on the
“tried and true” for Atlanta gardens.

Karen Lindauer is an avid gardener and active member of the Georgia Native
Plant Society (GNPS). Following early retirement from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention in 1996, she and her husband moved from
Morningside to Tucker, where they bought a home on nearly 2 acres. Aside
from many beautiful hardwoods and a few non-native azaleas, the property was
a blank slate. Over the last 15 years, wildflowers, shrubs and small trees
have been added, many from native plant rescues. Under the direction of
George Sanko, Karen is a volunteer in the woodland gardens, a small granite
outcrop and a new Xeric Sand Bed at the Georgia Perimeter College Botanical
Gardens. She is also a member of the Georgia Perennial Plant Association
and the Georgia Botanical Society.