Greater Gwinnett Rose Society April meeting

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Date: 03 April 2012
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Location: Gwinnett Justice and Administrative Center, 2nd floor, Room C


The Greater Gwinnett Rose Society’s April meeting features our annual non-rose plant raffle. We will be digging up those plants that have made themselves just a little bit too plentiful and bringing them in to the meeting to share with others. Visitors can also bring perennials, annuals, seeds, books; yes even rose bushes will be accepted. You don’t have to pot them up, just keep the roots moist with paper toweling or newspaper. Please identify each specimen. The exchange will be raffle style and lots of fun. You will end up taking home something special for your garden that you may treasure for years.

In addition, Adolf von Wurttemberg will give a short presentation on Soil Chemistry. Who better than a chemist to explain what makes our soil tick, that is healthy? Since we live in an area where “soil” is primarily red clay, this will be a lesson of great worth.