Lets Grow Mushrooms! Shitake

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Date: 12 February 2011
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $35 members, $40 non members
Location: Oakhurst Garden 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA 30030


Join team FUNGI and we will show you how to inoculate logs with mycelium and begin your journey towards harvesting yummy and healthy mushrooms. This is a hands on workshop and you will help us and yourself start fungi production. We will supply all materials including Shitake plugs, hardwood logs, and tools but request you bring work gloves and safety goggles. It will take about 1 year for your mushrooms to emerge but once they do you will have more than you know what to do with. Be prepared to take home a log.
Register online at www.oakhurstgarden.org and click on Classes. Contact andrea.zoppo@yahoo.com for assistance.