Asparagus Beetle – Identification

Q: We had beautiful asparagus for 15 years. Then 3 years ago we started to have a small insect, 1/4-3/8 inch long beetle, attack the new shoots.

They appear to suck out the juice and shrivel the spears while leaving a spike on the surface.

Sevin seems to slow them down but not get rid of them. Haven’t been able to get a decent crop since. What are they? Any remedy?

A: You have asparaguse beetles

There are a couple of control strategies. In winter remove every bit of debris from the asparagus bed. This eliminates hiding places for over-wintering adult beetles.

Examine emerging spears for small white eggs laid on the tips. Hand-pick any adults you see during the season. Carbaryl (Sevin) is labeled for asparagus beetle control. Be persistent with it and the other control strategies each year.

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