Bulk corn meal – Purchase

Q: Where can I buy bulk corn gluten meal? I want to do an organic care program on my 5000 square foot lawn.

A: Hastings Garden Center in Brookhaven has small bags of the meal but you can also order it online. Expect to pay around $1.50 per pound for it, whether bought locally or online in bulk, due to shipping costs. I found a list of bulk sources at Corn Gluten Meal: A Natural Herbicide

Using corn gluten meal for lawn weed control, you’ll need 20 lb. per 1000 sq. feet. The meal controls weeds by inhibiting root formation. It will control winter weeds if applied in September before they germinate but will do nothing to them now. The meal is also a good organic fertilizer (10-0-0), so it helps turfgrass grow vigorously to suppress weeds. Remember that corn gluten meal has no effect on perennial weeds like violets, wild onion or dandelion.

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