Compost – DeKalb County

Q: I recently visited the free compost pile on Memorial Dr. provided by the county Sanitation Department. A fellow who was shoveling compost there said that the compost had recycled human waste in it. What is the story? I want to use it in my vegetable garden.

A: According to Billy Malone, Assistant Director of the DeKalb Sanitation Department, they collect more than one hundred thousand tons of landscape debris each year. 214,00 cubic yards is composted for several months and then returned to distribution sites for the public to use in their landscapes. 409,000 cubic yards are shredded and used for mulch.

I suppose DeKalb compost could have an occasional bird or dog dropping in it but not human waste. Composting rules for Georgia strictly regulate the use and disposal of sewage. The county uses other means getting rid of their sludge. Use the compost with confidence!


DeKalb Mulch and Compost Sites

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