Crapemyrtle – Fragrance

Q: Are there any fragrant varieties of crepe myrtles?

A: Some gardeners claim to detect a faint scent (‘Apalachee’ and ‘Near East’ are said to have a pleasing fragrance) but I don’t believe any crapemyrtle could be called “fragrant”. In my view, this is a good thing because folks would plant even more of these beautiful, ubiquitous, indestructible plants than they do now. The key decision with crapemyrtles is to know how large it grows before you plant it. Too many have outgrown their original spot and are mercilessly hacked back each winter. I’ve collected links to information about crapemyrtle selection and care at

see Apalachee Crapemyrtle

crapemyrtle bark

crapemyrtle bark

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