Fertilizer – Substitutes

Q: I usually use 16-4-8 on my lawn but this year I can’t find this fertilizer. Do you have any substitutes?

A: Any fertilizer that is sold for lawn use should work fine when applied at label directions. But you can mix your own 16-4-8 using 45-0-0 (urea), 0-46-0 (triple superphosphate) and 0-0-60 (muriate of potash).

All should be available at a garden center. You’ll also need a bag of play sand.

In a wheelbarrow, thoroughly mix 17 lb. of 45-0-0, 4.5 lb. of 0-46-0, 6.5 lb. of 0-0-60 and 22 lb. of sand. The result is 50 lb. of fertilizer with a ratio of 17 – 3.5 – 7.5. This is pretty close to the 16-4-8 you want.

If you have a soil test report and want to use your existing fertilizers to make up the recommended ratio, you can use this online calculator

Fertilizer Make-up Calculator

(This calculator is a work in progress. The “Cost” section does nothing at this point.)

fertilizer 18 29 6

fertilizer 18 29 6

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