Fescue – Summer Heat

Q: I seed, re-seed and fertilize my fescue lawn every year. I get beautiful grass every spring until early summer and the heat kills it. The yard is mostly sunny all day. What do I do?

A: Look at it this way: if a rock ‘n’ roll band cranked up next door every night when you went to bed, you’d probably get pretty grumpy, right? Approximately the same thing happens to fescue when it tries to go to sleep each night and temperatures are above 70 degrees. It requires cool nights to recover from daytime heat. If the night stays warm, the grass can’t make the energy it needs to grow the next day. We’ve had a long string of days with temperatures in the nineties. Is it any wonder that fescue gives up the ghost or goes dormant? If the lawn is mostly sunny, you’ll have less frustration by switching to bermudagrass, centipedegrass or zoysiagrass. Consider ‘TifBlair’ centipedegrass. It was bred in Blairsville and should be well-adapted to your area.