Lawn Grass – Selecting in North Carolina

Q: My wife and I are moving to New Bern, North Carolina to build our retirement home in approximately 10 months. We both were raised in the mid-west where grass grows up and down and not side ways and does not turn brown four months a year. I have also planned on having a beautiful yard to be proud of. I have been looking for a grass that will perform in the sandy soil of eastern (coastal) North Carolina. The people in that area tell me that I need to stay away from the cooler/northern grass seeds. A watering system will be installed and all I can read concerning the engineered grass (Southeast Fescue or Tenacity Fescue), it would appear to perform well in that climate and area. Our one acre plus lot has 12 full grown trees so we have a great portion of the grassy areas will be in partial shade. The lot has good drainage which I would think will help from over watering and causing problems with diseases.

A: I’d think fescue/bluegrass would do fine.

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