Loropetalum – Pruning

Q: My Burgundy loropetalum plants are six feet tall and doing well. Last year I cut them down to three feet in early spring. They quickly rebounded and ended the season bigger than they need to be.

A: It’s hard to believe that pink-flowered loropetalum was first introduced to the U.S. as recently as 1990. Now there are dozens of cultivars from which to choose, ranging from the dwarf ‘Purple Pixie’ to the huge ‘Zhuzhou Fuchsia’. ‘Burgundy’ loropetalum is one of the larger varieties, reaching twelve feet at maturity. You could choose to prune it three times a year to keep it compact but it will be a never-ending chore. I suggest transplanting it to another location and substituting the smaller ‘Ruby’, ‘Blush’ or ‘Purple Diamond’ varieties.

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