Mole – Pest Control

Q: I have had a mole problem for two years. I have tried a mole trap without success. I’ve also tried to control insects my yard to eliminate their source of food. Do you have any suggestions?

Mole tunnels become very noticeable in spring as insects and earthworms become active. Moles furiously dig beneath the soil surface, looking for their first meals of the year. You probably only have one or two moles in your yard but the ankle-turning spots they create are a real nuisance. In my opinion, traps and repellents are more bother than they are worth. It is difficult to figure out which of its many tunnels a mole will use each day. Their main source of food, earthworms, are impossible to safely eliminate from a lawn. My advice? Hire a teenager who needs spending money to carefully walk your lawn and press down all tunnels with their tennis shoes. This will repair damage done to your grass, it may make the mole move to another yard, and it will support free enterprise in your neighborhood.

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