Moss Lawn – Care

Q: I have, quite by accident, created a very beautiful moss lawn in my very shady front yard. My question is how can I kill the weeds that crop up on top of the moss? Is there a spray that will kill the weeds and not harm the moss? I really love the moss, but the area is too large to hand weed.

Also, what encourages it to grow? Whatever I am doing, must be working, but I really don’t know what ‘it’ is. Is there a way to feed moss? Can I transplant it to some of the bare spots that are not so hospitible? What conditions should I create for it? Will it hurt to overseed it with rye for the winter?

A: Theresa Schrum replies:

“There are several things you can do to a moss lawn that are similar to a turf lawn:

1. Use Weed-B-Gone for broadleaf weeds
2. Apply a pre-emergent weed preventer in spring and fall.
3. Walk on it.

“For grassy weeds, I use the regular Roundup (not the fast acting stuff) at half strength. Both Roundup and Weed-B-Gone may temporarily discolor the moss, but they won’t kill it.

“Moss can be transplanted by scooping it up and placing it on the bare ground. It should be kept open to the air and not allowed to be buried under mulch or leaves.

“There is no need to overseed it with rye for the winter, moss is evergreen and actually grows best during the cooler, wetter months.

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