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Q: I have been all over the Internet and cannot find a good resource about organic gardening in Georgia and what to plant when. We want to start an organic vegetable garden now. What can we plant in the summer and the other seasons as well? Can you give me an idea of good books or Web sites for help?

A: I searched throughout my house for the TV remote control last week. I thought I had looked everywhere…until I found it where I had hidden it behind the television. Finding organic gardening resources on the Web was a piece of cake compared to that hunt.

The first place to visit is the University of Georgia Extension Service horticulture publications.

There you’ll find

Georgia Gardening

Vegetable Garden Calendar

Small Garden Plan

When to Harvest Vegetables

Mississippi State also has a good collection of other organic gardening resources.

As to books, the Rodale Press has plenty of them from which to choose. You’ll want to subscribe to “Organic Gardening” magazine while you’re there. I find “Common Sense Pest Control” by William Olkowski and Sheila Daar to be a top notch reference for an ecological pest control perspective.

Of course, the local Georgia Organics organization (770-621-4642) always gives good advice and has fine resources.

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