Pasture – Management

Q: I recently bought a horse farm in Alpharetta and I don’t know anything about maintaining the pastures. I mostly have bermudagrass which of course is dormant now. My pastures look bad. Just yellow. I had my soil tested and it proved to be low on Potassium so I just fertilized yesterday with 18-24-12. I heard you mention that beginning the 1st of March is the time to seed Fescue. Will that do me any good? I have taken the horses off the grass so it can be revived, but I do have areas of mud (horses running and tearing up the grass). Should I run a core aerator over the pasture and throw some fescue seed along with another round of fertilizer of 25-10-10?

A: You have a big row to hoe! But you knew that already when you decided to raise horses. Pasture management depends on lots of factors.

Look at this Pastures in Georgia publication and see if it helps.

Also see Forages for Horses.



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