Plant Propagation – Knock Out® Rose

Q: Can I get a cutting from a Knock Out®  rose to grow? If so, give me some tips.

A: Strictly speaking, propagating a Knock Out®  rose is illegal. This plant, as well as many other roses and perennials, is patented. Companies patent their plants in order to protect their research investment.

Understandable, since it takes years (and lots of money) to breed and market a superior plant.

I’d prefer you buy a Knock Out®  at a nursery. In the future, examine the labels on plants you buy to see if they are patented. You’ll typically see words to that effect or PPAF (Plant Patent Applied For) on the label. Many older roses are not patented and can be propagated with the instructions at Rooting Roses.

Knock Out rose

Knock Out rose

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