Spider Mites- Identifying

Q: Last summer we had repeated attacks from spider mites in our bermudagrass lawn and on our evergreens. They were turning brown and dying. We sprayed Kelthane each time. It appeared to solve the problem, but after several weeks the plants started dying again. Already this year we’ve had problems with our evergreens browning. What can we do to eliminate spider mites for good?

A: Spider mites are not a common pest of bermudagrass. They may cause junipers to turn yellow and decline over several months but the mites don’t cause a shrub to die suddenly. Furthermore, spider mites are not active in winter or early spring.

Based on all this, I think your diagnosis is faulty. Dig the shrubs and see how healthy the roots are. Look for environmental problems other than spider mites. If nothing is evident, take a sample of the sick branches to your local Extension office (404-897-6261).

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