Spring (for water) – Cleaning and Decontaminating

Q: We have a spring on our property that is overgrown with trees and brush. It has always run even during drought. How do we clean it?

My grandparents had one instead of a well and it was lined with rocks.

A: If you intend to drink the water from the spring, it is imperative that you have it tested for contaminants, either chemical or bacterial. Your local Extension office (1-800-ASKUGA-1) can advise on testing the University of Georgia can do for you.

If the water is potable, you can build a spring box to collect water.

Spring Box Design, Construction and Maintenence

Capping and Developing Springs

Protecting Wells and Springs

Simply dipping the water from the spring before testing and without a means of keeping it uncontaminated is too dangerous.

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