Squash Vine Borer – Stop With Netting x

Q: Would it do any good to put some kind of netting over my squash and cucumbers to stop caterpillars from infesting the roots? If so, do you have any idea where I can buy it?

A: This is an excellent way to prevent squash vine borer moths from attacking your plants. The moth looks vaguely like a wasp. About an inch long, it has an orange-red body and dark, fuzzy wings. The best material to use is called “floating row cover”, a lightweight material generally made from spunbonded polyester. One brand name is Remay. Cover the squash row immediately after the plants sprout, anchoring the fabric edges with soil. Use a series of upright sticks to hold the fabric off of the plants. Remove the row cover when the squash begin to bloom, to allow pollinators to visit the flowers. Call local garden centers for availability or go online to www.gurneys.com.