Tomato – Cracking Fruit

Q: I have tomatoes planted in whiskey barrels on my porch (full sun). They got pruned a little in hopes of having some bigger fruit. Both barrels show signs like this – but only on some fruit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Your tomatoes have what is called “physiological cracking”. In simple terms, it is caused by the skin hardening during times of dry soil and then being unable to expand when the soil is wet. On some tomatoes the crack go from stem to flower end (longitudinal cracking). On others the cracks are more circular around the stem.

Although growing tomatoes in barrels is a good practice, somehow the soil got dry or hot. Be sure to have only one plant per barrel and to check soil dryness daily.

If the cracks do not cause the inner fruit to rot you can eat it safely.

Tomato fruit cracking

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