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It is frustrating when you suddenly realize that The Georgia Gardener e-mail newsletter has stopped appearing in your e-mail box.

It’s even more frustrating when you visit the WSB Member Center and enter your information, only to be told that you have already signed up!

Here is my take on what’s going on:

1. If the Member Center says you are already a member, we are definitely sending the email each time.

The problem is possibly on your end with your spam filter or your email provider.

If you can’t figure out how to change your spam filter settings, simply get a new email address at Yahoo or Gmail and have the newsletter sent there.

I never miss the newsletter coming to either of those two addresses.

1a. How to check your subscription on the WSB Radio site:

The WSB radio website is slightly confusing. DO NOT use the NEWSLETTERS tab. Instead, go to the very top of the web page and sign in. Once signed in, go up to the top again and click on Subscriptions.

This will take you to the page where you check your subscription status.

The WSB newsletter coordinator tells me that if your Internet provider blocks your newsletter one time, it may be blocked by the WSB email server as well.

To fix this, UNSUBSCRIBE then LOGOUT then SUBSCRIBE again.

(I know this is a pain…but it’s the best we can do….)

2. If you use Bellsouth (ATT) or Comcast as your web provider:

Bellsouth and Comcast have an aggressive campaign to block spam. They occasionally block our emails with no notice…and we then have to go through several layers of bureaucracy to get back on the “safe” list they keep.

Consider subscribing to the Georgia Gardener newsletter through Yahoo or Gmail instead.

The WSB computer guru says: ” The long and the short of is it I have no way to tell when BellSouth/AT&T or Comcast will stop allowing the newsletter thru. When we start sending the newsletter it appears that everything is fine and then we hit a point where the BellSouth/AT&T/Comcast servers stop accepting the messages. It can be anywhere in the list. I have been working closely with them, each time a newsletter is sent for any of the WSB lists I notify them and they are monitoring their servers to see if they can determine what is triggering this problem. At this point they have not been able to find a root cause nor have they been able to give me any instructions on what to change about your newsletters that might resolve this problem.”

3. Another e-mail provider has filtered out the newsletter, deeming it Spam.

This is more complicated to fix but I think you can manage it.

Here is what Earthlink/Mindspring says

Q: “How easy is it for an EarthLink subscriber to allow bulk email from an organization?”

A: Very easy. While viewing a message in the “suspect email” folder, an EarthLink subscriber can click a single button that will allow future messages to pass directly to their inboxes. Subscribers also have the flexibility to specify that they want to receive email from an entire company (domain). This allows email from any address within that domain to reach the subscriber’s inbox.

• •> Our newsletter domain name is

Call Earthlink and ask how to change your settings so the newsletter will come through in the future.

Here is what AOL says:

“Any AOL users having trouble getting messages should contact AOL for instructions on marking emails as “friendly senders” because there are different instructions for different AOL versions and setups.”

Here is what Hotmail says:

“To ensure messages from specific e-mail addresses are not sent to your Junk E-Mail folder, you can add them to your Safe List.”

Go to the Options page.
On the left side of the page, click Mail, and then click Junk E-Mail
Click Safe List.
Type an address or domain (a domain is the part of an e-mail address that follows the @ sign) from which you always want to receive messages, and then click Add.

• •> Our newsletter domain name is

Here is what Yahoo says:

“What do I do if I receive solicited mail in my bulk mail folder?”

We make a concerted effort to deliver solicited commercial and noncommercial email directly to your inbox. If you believe that a message delivered to your bulk mail folder is more appropriately delivered to your inbox, please click the “Not Spam” button at the top of the message. The email will be automatically forwarded to a Yahoo! Customer Care associate for careful review.

If we determine that it is appropriate for Yahoo! to make system-wide changes with regard to this type of message, we will deliver it to your Inbox in the future.

If you continue to see these messages in your bulk mail folder and you would still like to receive them in a different folder, you can set up a filter to redirect them to any folder you wish. You can find more information at Filters Help.

3. Astute reader George says “I figured out why I didn’t get the newsletter. If someone has Norton Internet Security, and the anti-spam is activated, they must disable it in order to receive your newsletter.

4. If you get the newsletter using Microsoft Outlook, the pictures may not appear.

Windows XP enables a number of security features, including blocking of images and other external content in HTML mail. This is designed to prevent spammers from sending you messages with images.

You can turn this feature off. Here’s how:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Outlook Express.
2. Click the Tools menu and select Options.
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Uncheck the box labeled “Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail.”
5. Click OK.

Remember, you can always see previous issues of The Georgia Gardener newsletter by clicking here.

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