Come With Me to Cuba – Oct 2015

I get real pleasure from travelling with folks who like to see the world. Going to Callaway Gardens was a real trip when I was a kid! Now I get to see the corners of the globe with gardeners (and spouses!) on trips I plan and host each year.

In October, we return again to visit our sun-soaked neighbor to the south: Cuba. Click the link to see the itinerary.

Cuba Trip – 2015

This could be your last chance to experience the country before it has coffee shops and hardware stores on every corner. Watch the old cars streaming past beautiful buildings that will soon be modernized. Meet native Cubans and listen to their lively music. This really is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity!

My tours are planned in partnership with Earthbound Expeditions, which has done fabulous work with every trip. We look forward to sharing a remarkable travel experience with you and hope to see you in Cuba in 2015!

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MK WR in car