Carpenter Bee – Build Your Own Trap

Q: I heard the words “making a carpenter bee trap” on your Saturday morning show. Where can I get details?

A: I mentioned that I’d seen a video of a guy making a trap that he said was very effective in trapping the bees.

You can buy them ready-made from Best Bee Brothers, which holds a patent on this type carpenter bee trap.

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>>Marjorie N. makes a good point that carpenter bees are good pollinators, despite the damage they do to wood decks and patio furniture. Like kudzu (pretty flowers! erosion control!), carpenter bees have merit in some situations.

>> I would like to report that the carpenter bee trap does work. Over the past 11 days I have caught a total of 7 bees in 3 different traps. I went 7 days before catching the first bee, but then caught 1-2 a day recently. However, the tennis racket is still ahead with a total of 15 swatted.

>> Just wanted to thank you for the information on carpenter bee traps. I watched the video and made two of the traps. They work great. I have caught 15 bees so far and only had them up for about a week and a half. The best advice I can give is you need to hang them in the right location. I originally hung one under my porch and then one above my porch close to the roof. I had to move the one under the porch, they didn’t like that one and it didn’t catch any. I just wrapped it around my porch rail and have since caught four. The one from the roof is by far the best. It has caught 11. Also I used a mason jar instead of the second bigger coke bottle. It makes it look a little nicer and is much easier to dump the dead bees out of.

A very simple trap design

carpenter bee trap

carpenter bee trap

carpenter bee trap from

carpenter bee bee trap

carpenter bee bee trap

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