Mole Control – Castor Oil

Moles can be a real bother in a lawn. Many times the best control option is to mash down their tunnels with your shoe and forget about them.

A commercial product which contains castor oil has appeared. Research results on its efficacy have been mixed but tend toward the positive.

Here is a home-made recipe a listener sent me. I DO NOT vouch for its effectiveness but you are welcome to try it and let me know the results.

“I do a lot of vegetable gardening and also have a large yard and I have my own method of repelling moles. I get castor oil at WalMart (6 ozs. for $1.97) and use 6 ozs. to 2 gallons of water with two tablespoons of dawn dish detergent. The dish detergent makes the oil more soluable and it sprays more evenly in a garden sprayer.

I spray the soil just before it rains so the rain will soak the oil in the soil. I use the ratio of 1 oz. oil to 1000 sq. ft. of yard or garden.

I have quite a few daylilies….. and moles and voles and daylilies don’t mix very well. This spraying last about 6 months and I usually spray in March and September.. It works for me. The storebought repellents cost about $2.00 per ounce. H. C., Blairsville

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