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Insects / Animals

Poultry Raising - Resources

I taught a class on chicken incubation in early 2009. To prepare for it, I incubated and hatched several sets of chicks.

In the process, I learned a lot about the hobby of raising backyard chickens.

I am not a chicken expert, but I found a lot of information available on the Web. The most helpful were the hobbyist discussion forums.

Here are three I visited:


Yuku Back Yard Chickens discussion site

Chicken Crossing

A local group began regular meetings in 2009. You could make lots of friends there.

Atlanta Pet Chickens

In addition, Backyard Poultry magazine gives a monthly update on poultry raising topics.


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If temperatures drop below 20 degrees after a week-long warm spell, cover gardenias and camellias nightly with black plastic anchored to the ground on all sides.

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