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  Landscaping > Plant Lists > UGA Downloadable Plant List Publications

Plant Lists

UGA Downloadable Plant List Publications

Finding the right plant for the right place can really be a chore! Fortunately, there are several excellent references that will help you find what you need.

Try these University of Georgia publications first:

Landscape Plants for Georgia

a great source of information on the size, form and habitat for trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses

Fast Growing Trees

Flowering Annuals for Georgia Gardens

Flowering Perennials for Georgia Gardens

Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardens


Roses for Georgia Gardens

Georgia Wildflowers

If these don't help, you may find what you need at the University of Georgia Extension Service Horticulture site:

Horticulture Publications

Please note that some of the plants listed in the University of Georgia publications can be invasive. Purple loosestrife, Japanese pachysandra, periwinkle (common vinca vine), Asian wisteria, ligustrum, mimosa and English ivy can escape cultivation and wreak havoc on native plant communities. For a more comprehensive list of non-native invasive plants, visit the Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council.

The Georgia Native Plant Society has a nice list of native plants, suppliers and garden designers. Native plants have much to offer your landscape, including drought tolerance, attraction to wildlife and the knowledge you are helping preserve threatened plants.


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Prune boxwood - but not with shears. Use a hand pruner to make foliage "holes" in the greenery so light can penetrate to the trunk.

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