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  Landscaping > General Garden Info > Rain Barrels - Commercial Rain Harvesting Systems

General Garden Info

Rain Barrels - Commercial Rain Harvesting Systems

The money- and water-saving potential for rainwater harvesting has caught the eye of companies in Atlanta.

Water Reclamation Systems of Georgia will install an underground tank and pump to store and then distribute rainwater.

Rainwater Collection Solutions
installs a large leak-proof bag in your crawlspace to store rainwater. A nearby pump sends water to any part of your landscape.

The Rain Harvest Company installed a capture and distribution system at the Horticulture Building on the Griffin Campus of the University of Georgia.

Southern Trillium installs above- or belowground tanks along with associated pumps and plumbing to distribute rainwater.

Advanced Coastal Technologies
features a water tube 15 feet long and 27 inches in diameter. It can be installed under shrubbery or next to a driveway and hidden with pinestraw mulch.

Oakhurst Community Garden has a twelve hundred gallon rain collection system used for their plot. Visit the garden at the corner of Oakview Road and S. McDonough St., near Agnes Scott College.


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