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  Landscaping > General Garden Info > Shannon Pable’s Comments on Hardiness Zones

General Garden Info

Shannon Pable’s Comments on Hardiness Zones

Shannon Pable’s Comments on Hardiness Zones

I typically refer to the 11 zone, 1960 map since that's what is still being used on most plant labels and in reference material. I usually err on the side of being conservative and say we’re in zone 7 (north Atlanta) to zone 8 (for south of the Perimeter). However, some plants that are rated for only for zone 8 have actually done fine if in the right location in zone 7.

I think of the maps as a rough guide. It takes a combination of maps to determine where a plant will thrive... and even then not everything that affects a plant is considered, such as soil/sun/rain.

I believe the best thing to do, is to find out where the plant is native and know what environmental conditions the plant needs based on that.

The bottom line is we all must do our homework.


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Examine the backside of euonymous and camellia leaves for scale insects. Thoroughly spray with horticultural oil if the pests are found.

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