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  Landscaping > General Garden Info > Freeze Damage - Identifying

General Garden Info

Freeze Damage - Identifying

The damage from cold weather sometimes doesn't show up for several days or even weeks. Diagnosing the problem is part memory and part detective work.

Suspect cold damage when branch tips do not leaf out but lower parts of the plant do so.

Suspect cold damage when leaves have unusual patterns of dead cells.

Take a look at these examples:

freeze damage to hydrangea

cold damage to tomato leaves

flower bud death on azalea

cold damage to creeping fig

ice on camellia bud

freeze damage to crapemyrtle

freeze damage to hydrangea flower


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Water pansies and ornamental kale after a hard freeze so they can re-hydrate their wilted leaves. Remember to regularly water window boxes and other outside plant containers.

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