Chromosome Numbers of Plants and Animals

Sometimes a Dad has to be a Dad……..

When my son was studying biology in the ninth grade, he and I got into a discussion of whether organisms with identical numbers of chromosomes would be identical.

He said they would be identical. With my superior (ha!) knowledge of genetics, I said they would not.

Nothing left to do but search the Internet.

Much to my surprise, I could find no central listing of chromosome numbers for plants and animals…just a few notes here and there.

The only good source I found was one devised by a professor at Kean University in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, his website was no longer active; it was only available as a cache in Google.

Rather than let this valuable information fade into the unknown, I decided to download the page and put it on my website….if only to prove to a hard-headed teenager that OCCASIONALLY a parent is CORRECT!

Chromosome Numbers of Plants and Animals

Later, Brett J. sent me a link to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s searchable database of the chromosome numbers of plants.

If you find this useful, please email me and tell me how you use the information.

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