Home Orchard Spray – Substitute

Q: I would like to know why Scotts stopped making Ortho Home Orchard Spray. I’ve been using it for years but it is no longer available. I use the Home Orchard Spray on plum trees.

A: Ashton Ritchie from The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company says:

“Ortho has a fungus control for leaf spots, rust, blights, fruit rots, mildews, scab, etc. called Ortho MAX Garden Disease Control Concentrate. The bottle makes 64 gallons of diluted spray. It contains chlorothalonil, otherwise known as Daconil.

“Ortho has an insect control for over 100 insects that can be used on fruit trees. It is called Ortho Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Insect Killer. It comes in a concentrate as well as a hose-end sprayer. The active ingredient is acetamiprid.”



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