UGA Plant Disease Publications

Following are useful plant disease publications from UGA:

Azalea Diseases

Camellia Diseases

Cane Blight of Blackberry

Centipedegrass Decline

Christmas Tree Diseases

Common Landscape Diseases in Georgia

Common Tomato Diseases in Georgia

Diagnostic Guide to Common Home Orchard Diseases

Disease Control in the Home Vegetable Garden

Diseases of Ground Cover Plants

Diseases of Leyland Cypress in the Landscape

Dogwood Diseases and Problems

Fusiform Rust on Pines

Georgia Pest Management Handbook: Homeowner Edition

Geranium Diseases: Identification and Control in Landscapes and Indoor

Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides

Key to Diseases of Oaks in the Landscape

Key to Diseases of Pines in the Landscape

Minor Lawn Diseases and Problems

Nematodes: Biology and Control

Plant Susceptibility to Major Nematodes in Georgia

Pomegranate Production

Ten Steps to a Healthier Home Lawn

Turfgrass Diseases in Georgia: Identification and Control

Turfgrass Diseases: Quick Reference Guide


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