UGA Lawn Publications

Following are some useful UGA lawn publications:

Basics of Turfgrass Fertilization

Bermudagrass Control in Southern Lawns

Bermudagrass Lawn Management

Bermudagrass in Georgia

Best Management Practices for Landscape Water Conservation

Centipede Lawns

Centipedegrass Decline

Controlling Moss and Algae in Turf

Cool-Season Grass Cultivar Trials in North Georgia (Broken Link)

Designing, Constructing and Maintaining Bermudagrass Sports Fields

Developing a Water Smart Landscape

Fertilization for Lawns

Georgia Pest Management Handbook: Homeowner Edition

How to Control Poison Ivy

Lawns in Georgia (Broken Link)

Lespedeza Identification and Control in Turfgrass

Liming Georgia Soils

Renovation of Home Lawns (Broken Link)

Soil Test Handbook for Georgia

Soil Testing for Home Lawns, Gardens and Wildlife Food Plots

Tall Fescue Lawn Management (Broken Link)

Ten Steps to a Healthier Home Lawn

Thatch Control in Turf (Broken Link)

The Management and Use of Bahiagrass

The Management and Use of Switchgrass in Georgia

Turfgrass Water Management

Weed Control in Home Lawns

Zoysiagrass Lawns

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