A shrub that flowers white flowers and starts to bloom mid march

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Date Photo Taken: 03/15/2020
Location: Jasper, ga
Posted By: Heather Simpson


Very dark green leaves, the buds look almost like cones before they bloom.


  1. laura735 Master Identifier says:

    Maybe a type of Azalea? With so many cultivars, it will be hard to tell which one. If this is Azalea, you could try the Azalea Society of America for its exact ID. If this isn’t Azalea, please resubmit with photo of flowers open fully & fruits if there are any. For now check out one in the group from the included link below. Best wishes!


    March 17th, 2020 at 4:21 pm
  2. laura735 Master Identifier says:

    The Azalea Society of America.


    March 17th, 2020 at 4:25 pm

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