Albino Sruce?

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Date Photo Taken: 05/06/2014
Location: Monticello, Ga
Posted By: redbeard


I forgot about some Himalayan spruce (Picea smithiana) while they were being stratified. They were covered in mold when I found them after a year. I planted them thick thinking most would not come up.
This one came up with white needles and a red stem. It came up on the same day as the rest and received the same light and water.
I was wondering if it could be albino or unable to respond to light or something? I have never heard of this and couldnt find it on the internet.


  1. stone Flower Fanatic says:

    Albino plants are not uncommon, but… lacking in chlorophyll generally means that the seedling isn’t able to grow…

    Try this search:

    May 8th, 2014 at 3:01 pm

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