European Plant (Possibly)

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Date Photo Taken: Photo's taken July 2, 2011
Location: Winder, GA
Posted By: John Gladney


Plant is approx 5 years old, seed found in mid Europe (cannot remember). Leaves compound, glaberous, and develops a hook at the end of each compound leaf. Has not been planted outdoors, as do not want another type of Kudzoo fiasco in the area. Is this plant a keeper or should I destroy it? It appears harmless, but I do not know if it will survive winters here. (Kept inside during cold months)


  1. John Gladney Unregistered says:

    Thanks for trying. I found the answer through the U. of GA. It is of Mediterranian origin and is a sub. for Cocoa.

    Carob Tree, Ceratonia siliqua

    July 20th, 2011 at 1:52 pm

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