Flowering Ornamental Grass?

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Date Photo Taken: April 3, 2012
Location: Kennesaw, GA
Posted By: slehudgins


We love this Ornamental Grass our landscaper added over 5 yrs ago, on a whim and said he couldn’t find more of these plants and didn’t know the name? It flowers in early spring, fragrant like jasmine, followed by small pods of seeds… We had 2, one died and I’d like to get more if i knew what it was and where to get more! Thanks!


  1. Southern Garden Coach Flower Fanatic says:

    This is called Scotch Broom (Cytissus). Make sure the next one has GREAT drainage to ensure its survival, as they like a well-drained soil. This plant is considered invasive in some parts of the country so it is not produced by as many growers as it once was. And may I suggest the next landscaper you hire be familiar with the plants he or she is selling to you.

    May 9th, 2012 at 1:35 pm

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