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Date Photo Taken: 04/21/2013
Location: mid-Kentucky
Posted By: mrsloomis


My husband and I were visiting Woodford Reserve distillery in Kentucky when I caught a whiff of the most delightful fragrance since I left the orange groves of California. I followed my nose to a large shrub (6-8ish ft high) with bundles of soft pink blossoms (similar to hydrangea). The fragrance reminded me of orange blossoms–sweet, but not oppressive.

What is it—and would it grow in East Cobb/Roswell?


  1. Wildflower Unregistered says:

    The plant in the second photo is sweetshrub, or Calycanthus floridus. I live in Murray County, and it grows all over the place here, so it should do fine in Cobb County, even though it is more of a mountain plant.

    April 28th, 2013 at 3:59 pm

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