Lsinkuler bushes to id for pruning purposes

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Date Photo Taken: october, 07, 2011
Location: North Atlanta GA
Posted By: lsinkuler


i am trying to determinn when and how to prune these bushes. It seems there is no generic time table on pruning. these are overgrowing walkways etc so i plan to cut back and make them get more full. please let me know the type of bush and or the best time to prune for this purpose


  1. Katie P Unregistered says:

    The photos are a little hard to view, but the first two are probably Azaleas which should be pruned after flowering in the spring. Pruning now will not damage the plant, just remove buds for next spring’s flowers.

    The last looks like it might be a Tea Olive which can be pruned pretty much any time. Does it produce tiny, but very fragrant flowers throughout the year? They actually look better if pruned a couple of times a year. They can get somewhat rangy if left up to their own devices.

    Search Walter’s website for proper pruning techniques for shrubs.

    Maybe you can post sharper photos and include some taken a little closer to the leaves(and rotate them before sending.

    October 10th, 2011 at 10:52 am

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