Not sure what they are!

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Date Photo Taken: 12/24/11
Location: New York, NY
Posted By: kayjayne


The plant with the yellow piping around the leaves was a gift and I have been searching and unable to figure out what it is!

The plant with the green leaves sprouting new ones at the top I bought at a market. It was one stem and had twin leaves growing opposite each other wall the way up every few inches, but the lower ones have since fallen off. I have no idea how often to water or what kind of light they need but the latter is doing better in a window with lots of sun.


  1. Southern Garden Coach Flower Fanatic says:

    Kayjayne, the top photo is a Zebra Plant, or an Aphelandra (probably squarrosa). Most of them bloom yellow, sometimes pink or magenta, depending on species. They need lots of light and well-drained soil. Don’t make the common mistake of overwatering. Go here for more info:
    The bottom plant is a Ribbon Plant, or Dracaena sanderiana. Like the Aphelandra, they will do better with more sunlight, but are more tolerent with low light. Check this out:

    December 31st, 2011 at 8:37 am

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