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Date Photo Taken: 06/03/2006
Location: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Posted By: rosanamod


I took a picture of this plant as-is in a park in Tarpon Springs, FL on vacation a few years ago & have no idea what it is. I stumbled across it putting my photography portfolio together and found your site.

This leaf was laying on the ground like this, no nearby plants that looked like it, and I didn’t look to the trees. I just thought it was beautiful, as if waiting for me to shoot it. Thank you in advance.

I don’t know if I put this in the correct category but didn’t see leaves.


  1. Bobby Flower Fanatic says:

    This is a neat picture of a leaf gall. I am unsure of the plant variety but the gall problems looks a lot like this link from Purdue

    July 24th, 2012 at 4:31 pm

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