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Date Photo Taken: 01/26/2018
Location: Brooksville, FL
Posted By: Diane


This is in a wooded area. Some was removed last year, but it has come back. Possibly didn’t get it all before. I tried killing it with a vinegar and water solution. Another time I tried a non toxic all purpose cleaner. I was thinking of using neem oil on it next. What is it? Is it toxic or poisonous? Thanks!


  1. john kelly Unregistered says:

    Hello. I have 3 natchez variety crepe myrtles that are 3 years old. All are planted in open area in full sun. They leafed last year but this year they are not leafing at all. There is green when doing the scratch test and “suckers” coming up, however very few buds. I live in the Canton Georgia area and see beautiful myrtles leafing all around. What could be wrong with my trees? HELP!!!!

    April 26th, 2020 at 5:11 pm

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