sea grass?

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Date Photo Taken: may 2011
Location: NE dekalb
Posted By: ray


this is some type of sea grass. has a pointy tip and about 1″ wide,, it curled up… we see in landscapes everywhere. in front of shopping center across from perimeter mall.
also pic 2 is an open area on side of house that gets alot of wash from hill. it is under pear trees .. shady.. so we were trying to decide what to plant here. tried ivy but it started to over take the AC ect so we took it out.. thought about a lariope or something like that ,, i could even cut with lawn mower to keep low.. I have a bermuda front yard to right of this pic. many thanks and enjoy the sat. show


  1. Sherry Registered says:

    take a picture of the entire plant.

    June 26th, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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