tree sprout or weed?

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Date Photo Taken: April, 14 2012
Location: Stone Mountin, GA
Posted By: crestwood garden


These sprout in my shady fern and hosta garden in early spring, have a very deep root, the end of which I cannot dig up. It seems to produce multiple stems therefore gets bushier every year. These come up near a black gum tree, but also sprout in other parts of the yard. Can I use herbicide on these or will it damage the tree if they are actually root sprouts? Thanks!


  1. bdchesho Flower Fanatic says:

    These green shoots probably sprout up as suckers from large tree roots running beneath the surface. They should break off easily with a hoe or similar tool, no herbicide necessary. If you spray them you run the risk of the herbicide being absorbed into the tree, which would probably not kill it but would cause unneeded stress. I personally have a cheap pushmower that I use to chop down growth like this and mulch cut my woody areas.

    May 21st, 2012 at 11:04 am

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