What is this unusual plant?

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Date Photo Taken: 10/30/2013
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Posted By: andiipandii76


It’s like some kind of cactus / succulent, It has no spikes, it is very heavy, It has huge white flowers (although in this photo it has buds about to flower) I also have another one but with fuchsia colored flowers. How do i look after these? Do they need full sun? Part sun/part shade? full shade?


  1. hortiphoto Flower Fanatic says:

    It’s a Schlumbergera, also known as an inch cactus or zygocactus. The genus is one of the group of epiphytic cacti that live in the trees of the cloud forests and rainforests of Central and South America. Most have very showy flowers.

    November 1st, 2013 at 12:48 am

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