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Bermuda - Removing Fescue in Summer
Q: My back lawn was originally seeded with fescue and the front lawn was sodded with bermudagrass. Over the years bermudagrass has spread through the back yard. At this point I think that if I could get rid of the fescue, I'd have a pretty decent bermudagrass lawn in the back. Is this feasible?
A: Imazaquin (Image for nutgrass control) is labeled for situations where you want to kill tall fescue in a bermudagrass lawn.

It is safe to use after bermudagrass has completely greened-up. Since the chemical is absorbed by fescue roots, water thoroughly after application. It will take a couple of weeks to see any damage at all. Do a repeat application six weeks after the first one.

With a couple of summer fertilizations, the fescue should be gone and the bermudagrass should have filled its place by fall.


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